The VPlatform®

Accurate and insightful metrics, continuous monitoring, and comprehensive data collection are critical components for effective campaign targeting and business intelligence.

Gain valuable insights into your audience's engagement with the VCode®. Easily track and analyse data from every scan with the user-friendly VCode® dashboard, API interface or download raw data files for further analysis.


Easily launch, manage, and track your mobile consumers' transactions with VCodes centralised and intuitive platform.

Sophisticated Consumer Analytics

VCode® simplifies the process of launching, tracking and analysing mobile engagement campaigns with its powerful data collection and analysis system, accessible from every scan.

Manage Codes

VCode® provides a centralized platform for managing and storing all your codes, making it easy to keep track of all your code activities. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate through your codes and manage them in one place.

Viewable Metrics - What Was Scanned?


Number of unique users, age, gender


Handset operating system, handset model


Time stamp, date


Country of origin, heat maps, geolocation



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