Information & Perk Delivery

With VPerk®, retailers can reach their customers in a new and innovative way. The VPerk® push notification feature provides instant access to personalized offers, loyalty rewards, and discounts for future purchases.

These incentives can also drive repeat purchases and second-chance-to-buy opportunities, enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales. The data gathered from VPerk® usage can also inform future marketing strategies and provide insight into customer behavior.

VPerks® is a powerful tool for retailers to engage with customers, offering them instant access to exclusive offers, loyalty rewards, and discounts. By utilising the VPerk® push notification feature, retailers can increase sales and enhance customer experience.

VCode® enables retailers to analyse consumer behavior, anticipate buying patterns, and tailor future rewards accordingly. Retailers can monitor redemption of rewards in real-time, ensuring the success of their campaigns.

Customers benefit from the time-sensitive offers and loyalty programs, making it a compelling reason for them to interact with VCode® and enhance their shopping experience.

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