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Access Content Easily

VCode® enables instant access to information on the go, both online and offline. Personalized information delivery, based on demographic, location, and previous engagement, links directly to a vast array of content, including websites, videos, photos, books, and documents.

Content in 'NO' clicks

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Impulse Purchasing

VCode® is a fast and secure digital payment solution that lets you purchase products in just 6 seconds. Its digital wallet keeps all your membership cards, transaction history, and tickets organized in one place for easy access.

  • Faster Payments

    Faster Payments

  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay

  • 6 seonds to buy

    6 seconds to buy


VCode® delivers the long-sought after level of security, surpassing other solutions in three key areas.

  • Closed Loop Security
    Permission Based Access

    VCode® utilizes multiple distribution points with security parameters such as User ID, Geo-Location, and Demographic for comprehensive protection.

  • Closed Loop Security
    Closed Loop Security

    VCode® database servers are the only source for authentic VCode® generation (API access available), and only the VCode® app or SDK can decrypt and display the associated content.


The VPerk® can feature an offer to use immediately, rewards for loyalty schemes and discounts for future purchases.

VPerks® can also be used to entice 'Second-Chance- To-Buy' offers or 'Repeat Purchases'.

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Easy To Use

Quick access to all your VCode® content.

    • HistoryHistory

      Track all past VCode® interactions.

    • MeMe

      Manage personal VCode® information.

    • VCode History
    • VCode me
    • VCodes
    • VPerks
    • VCodeVCodes®

      View, edit, or create VCode®s for personal use.

    • PerksMy Perks

      Instant access and use of all VPerk®s.

Get your own VCode®

Store loyalty cards, banking information, e-voting, and more in your personal VCode®.

Store various information securely in your own VCode®, including identity, emergency, health records, payment methods, vehicle registration, business card details, social media links, and more. Only authorised individuals can access sensitive information.


VCode® links physical items to information or purchases with secure, unique 2D codes.
Get the VCode® app or VCode® enabled app from the App Store, scan or import a VCode® to access content.
Generate VCode®s effortlessly using the VPlatform® or API/dev tools on smart devices/computers. Input content to instantly receive the code, viewable on-screen and via email for print or digital display.
Ensure scanability of your VCode® by printing it at least 5mm in size. Smaller sizes may work, but testing is advised. Make the code recognisable and decodable by the VCode® app for best results.
The duration of a VCode®'s validity is determined by the user. It can be reused and repurposed, with an indefinite lifespan if it remains unchanged.
Enjoy access to a virtually limitless supply of 55 quintillion VCode®s - enough to assign a unique code to every item on the planet for eternity.

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